Safe & Sound pet transport

Booking Transport

First, you pick from one of our services. Are you in Central Florida? If so, check out our central Florida pet transport service for local relocation. If not, please continue reading. Shared ride pet transport is a scheduled route with other pets that cuts down on costs and depends on our schedule. Private pet transport is tailored exactly to you and your pets needs.

It is a luxurious, one-on-one experience for your loved ones. Escorted air pet transport involves a nanny that flies with your pet anywhere across North America.

Once you’ve chosen a service, you fill out our booking form.
Our staff gets in contact with you to arrange pick up and drop off dates. We will also record the names of the people expected to be present at pick up and drop off for verification purposes in the future. Please note our business operates on a preplanned route that ensures we can pick up as many pets as possible in as efficient manner as possible.

That means, even if you’re looking to move your pet one state over, you could be looking at a travel time of up to 5 days. We do this to ensure flexibility for all clients as well as safety measures for all pets aboard our vehicles including rest stops for drivers and exercise for animals. However, pets are delivered in less than one week in most cases.